Mobile home - at home wherever you want

Domeczech offers many advantages for those looking for quality and practical housing, not only for private use but also as an investment.

It is an ideal choice for renting on Airbnb, as a starter home for young people, as well as for seniors in housing units under construction.

A house can also be a good way to expand accommodation capacity within recreational facilities such as golf courses, ski resorts, hotels or guesthouses. Existing resorts can add these modern buildings as an additional accommodation option, which will attract new customers and improve overall visitor numbers. With its unique design, Domeczech will undoubtedly attract attention and captivate guests looking for a unique experience.


Want to know more about the technical specifications of Domeczech or have any questions?

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Both a mobile house and a container house are types of buildings that are designed to be transported and easily placed in a different location.

While mobile houses are made from traditional building materials such as wood or steel, container houses are made from used shipping containers.

Domeczech has taken the best of both worlds. The craftsmanship quality of mobile houses and the flexibility of container houses.

Yes, some mobile house models are designed to be lived in year-round. It is important to choose a quality mobile home with a durable construction and a good insulation system, so that you can live in it without any problems during the cold winter months.

And Domeczech is designed for year-round use.

Yes, mobile houses are designed to be easily transportable to another location. They are usually transported on a siding or trailer and can be transported on roads.

However, always check the regulations and requirements for transporting mobile houses in your area beforehand.

But don’t expect any problems with the Domeczech, it was made for trouble-free transport. Conceptually and structurally.

Yes, most premium mobile houses have perfect wiring and can be connected to the power grid. Similarly, many mobile houses are ready to be connected to the water and sewage system.

Domeczech is of course fully equipped and ready for seamless connection.

This depends on where you want to place the mobile house. In some areas yes, in others it may not be a necessity.

Under certain circumstances, you do not need any permits for DOMECZECH. Contact us and we will be glad to advise you.