Mobile home - at home wherever you want

Discover Domeczech – a new generation of low-energy tiny houses for year-round use. On 15 m² you will find everything you need for modern living nowadays.

Timeless design with an emphasis on functionality, aesthetics and maintenance-free design will make the mobile house your real home.

The modular design ensures easy installation and maintenance, making moving a breeze. The entire Domeczech will move with you.

Mobilní dům – náhledová fotka

mobile living with a soul

Get to know Domeczech as a full-fledged alternative.

At home everywhere

Office in the woods? Recreation at the pond? Live according to your taste, whether you own the land or just rent it. You can simply move and transport the Domeczech to your dream location. All you need is a crane and a truck.

Plenty of space

Thoughtful design makes the most of the interior’s potential. It offers a comfortable stay for two people with the possibility of an extra bed for a child. Facilities include:

  • kitchenette with built-in fridge and microwave,
  • spacious double bed for sleeping and sitting,
  • foldable dining table,
  • bathroom with shower and classic flush toilet,
  • an unprecedented amount of storage space.


The solid wooden structure is filled with a very thick layer of linen insulation. This is how you achieve low energy consumption with minimal costs.

The built-in air conditioning not only heats and cools the air, but also filters out dust and allergens.

Live smart

On request, you can also enrich Domeczech

  • recuperation unit for air exchange,
  • smart TV,
  • soundbar,
  • with a security device or electronic lock.

All technologies can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. This means you don’t have to leave the device on all the time. You can turn them on remotely from anywhere as needed.


Technical solution

A mobile house with a long service life

The craftsmanship of every detail makes the Domeczech a durable companion for life. It can withstand both the extreme weather in the mountains and the hot climate by the sea.


wooden - KVH prisms

Wall and ceiling cladding

Rigips gypsum fibreboards

Windows, doors

3 chambers, plastic


Roon touch

Sanita, faucets, water heating

from verified suppliers


natural ecological material - linen

Exterior cladding

Lamba 2.0 sheet metal panels


vinyl + tiles


tailor-made in Antitouch finish

Air conditioning/recuperation

from verified suppliers

Want to know more about the technical specifications of Domeczech or have any questions?

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Both a mobile house and a container house are types of buildings that are designed to be transported and easily placed in a different location.

While mobile houses are made from traditional building materials such as wood or steel, container houses are made from used shipping containers.

Domeczech has taken the best of both worlds. The craftsmanship quality of mobile houses and the flexibility of container houses.

Yes, some mobile house models are designed to be lived in year-round. It is important to choose a quality mobile home with a durable construction and a good insulation system, so that you can live in it without any problems during the cold winter months.

And Domeczech is designed for year-round use.

Yes, mobile houses are designed to be easily transportable to another location. They are usually transported on a siding or trailer and can be transported on roads.

However, always check the regulations and requirements for transporting mobile houses in your area beforehand.

But don’t expect any problems with the Domeczech, it was made for trouble-free transport. Conceptually and structurally.

Yes, most premium mobile houses have perfect wiring and can be connected to the power grid. Similarly, many mobile houses are ready to be connected to the water and sewage system.

Domeczech is of course fully equipped and ready for seamless connection.

This depends on where you want to place the mobile house. In some areas yes, in others it may not be a necessity.

Under certain circumstances, you do not need any permits for DOMECZECH. Contact us and we will be glad to advise you.